Valhalla Market: One of the Top 3 Longest Running Darknet Markets

Events that Lead to the Creation of Valhalla Market

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Valhalla Market is one of the oldest and most respected marketplaces on the darknet

Given the fact that hard drugs are deemed illegal almost everywhere, the recreational use of other substances is often frowned upon by the general community at-large. It’s not so much the use of these substances that’s not welcome as much as it is the conflict and danger that comes with acquiring them.

Since the recreational use of some substances is often not assigned to any real legal framework, there’s no legislation to control their sale.

Before drugs were sold on the internet, in-person disputes had to be settled between the seller and the buyer alone. As we all know, these disputes oftentimes end up with serious conflicts that could inevitably lead to violence and even death.

It is for this reason mainly that recreational drug use has been associated with crime. As such, the practice is demonized even further.

The drug market became more volatile as this negative perception become stronger, and the quality of the products was decreasing rapidly. But during this time, a community was formed that made a twist to the traditional way of selling drugs—by moving their enterprise online.

And since the internet could be easily monitored and the data going through it could be tapped into, the dealers behind online drug sales needed a more secure alternative. And they found it in the darknet.

The first instances of drug sale over the darknet were through various forums that were formed by like-minded people. These early markets were unintuitive, and had little to no customer protection that would guarantee that one of the parties would not get scammed.

It was not until after a few years that true darknet marketplaces started to operate, chief of them being the first Silk Road.

While the Silk Road was operating at increasingly high frequency, it was still a relatively new concept. As such, the site had many security flaws.

One such flaw had inevitably caused the market to get the attention of federal law enforcement authorities who then shut it down and arrested most of the people behind the site.

This caused a lot of turmoil in the darknet community, but many entrepreneurial members realized that the idea behind Silk Road—to bring illegal substances quickly and without fuss to people who wanted them—was a very profitable one.

This caused a number of different marketplaces to continuously appear all over the world, catering to different customer bases.

Birth of Valhalla Market

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Silkkitie was formed and launched in October 2013 and located in Finland

One such marketplace has appeared in Finland, born out of the need for the local community to get a hold of different illegal substances. The increased intensity with searches of packages from abroad had left Finns metaphorically stranded from outside darknet vendors, since very few packages actually made it to their respective buyers.

And thus, Silkkitie was formed and launched in October 2013; a darknet marketplace located in Finland and catering exclusively to local buyers and vendors.

It operated under the ideology that everybody has the right to do what they want with their bodies, and the process of acquiring illegal substances should not put people in danger. The Silkkitie marketplace has grown substantially over time and has expanded to become an international enterprise called “Valhalla.”

Valhalla Market quickly grew in popularity for being one of the more trustworthy and secure darknet markets, and has started to compete with most of the major marketplaces despite being significantly smaller.

With its simple user interface, multiple security features and good support staff, Valhalla has quickly managed to gather recognition as a top darknet market.

Oldest Marketplaces on the Darknet

When all things are considered and the data is compiled, it is clear that Valhalla Market is one of the longest existing darknet markets.

Considering the fact that most marketplaces shut down after a year or two, Valhalla has been able to exist for a commendable amount of time. The only other international marketplaces that can compete in this domain with Valhalla Market are Hansa and AlphaBay, which were recently shut down in a law enforcement raid.


Being one of the oldest marketplaces currently on the darknet, Valhalla deserves a certain dose of respect from the community.

Often using the tagline “Resilient as Hell,” Valhalla Market has managed to persevere in the very volatile landscape of the dark web, longer than most marketplaces. It even outstands some of the larger and more populated markets throughout history to date.

While there are country-specific marketplaces that are even older, Valhalla remains one of the two oldest, still-functioning and truly international marketplaces on the dark web.

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