Payment Methods Used on Valhalla Market

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Finnish-based Valhalla Market ensures reliable service for its users by offering three payment methods—escrow, multisig and finalize early options.

Considering the rapid shifts in technological developments, and everyday changes in the darknet scene, it might seem hard for a darknet market to keep up with these shifts while at the same time ensuring high safety for its users, high quality of its products, and after all, high profit for itself. Not everyone can succeed in this.

However, Finish-based Valhalla Market, led by renowned Kapteeni, seems to be on point with its successful business maintenance. In fact, he likes to say of his market that it’s “resilient as hell.”

The main policy of product-selling on Valhalla Market is that users do no harm to third parties, and that with notes and warnings in addition to the quality of the products, users are aware of the products’ effects.

Valhalla Market offers two product categories: drugs and other products. These can be browsed through a refined search, one of which displays listings by payment methods.

Reliable payment methods

Valhalla Market allows three payment methods. These include Escrow/Multisig/FE, Escrow/Multisig, and Multisig Only. Not everyone is familiar how these work, so here is the short breakdown of what each method means and how you can use them.

Escrow – mediating the business

Escrow is the term usually applied to real estate business in the United States. In terms of the internet, escrow is enabled when users place money under the control of a licensed, independent third party. This way, both buyer and seller are protected when a transaction is made. Once the both parties confirm that the transaction is completed under the set terms, money can be released.

On darknet markets, escrow works like this: a buyer orders the product and the money is placed on the website. Once the purchased item is delivered, the buyer gives a notice upon a successful finalization, and Valhalla Market releases the money to the seller. This stops vendors from taking money without delivering the product.

Multisig – fostering the cooperation

Multisig means that the transaction requires approval from more than one user; hence it requires more than one key in order to authorize a Bitcoin transaction. Signatures required are the seller’s, the buyer’s and Valhalla Market’s system.

Such practice requires cooperation of multiple parties, thus leading to better business, shared responsibility and respect of common values. Given the values practiced on the market, like user-oriented interface, multilingual service and good ratings, it is not a wonder that all three payment methods include multisig option. This way, everyone operating on the Valhalla Market has to be considerate towards their community because everyone’s personal business directly depends on someone else.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system.
Multisig means that the transaction requires approval from more than one user; hence it requires more than one key in order to authorize a Bitcoin transaction.

Finalize Early –proving the trust

FE stands as an abbreviation for Finalize Early. This means that a vendor has the opportunity to ask for the transaction to be finalized early.

Moreover, this would allow the vendor to have the escrowed payment transferred to themselves even in the case when the set terms are not yet met. Even though Don’t Finalize Early!” is the golden rule every user venturing to a darknet market should have in mind, Valhalla Market would not offer this method if it would alter its reputation, or would in any way compromise the safety of its clients.

On the contrary, as Valhalla Market functions under an invite-only system, this means that those operating on it have already gained certain credibility from the market’s administrators.

After all, some of the main reasons for founding Valhalla Market in the first place were frequent exit scams and poor treatment of users by other markets. Exit scams are not associated with Kapteeni and Valhalla Market.

Innovation, improvement, ideology

Currently, the market holds the crown of being Scandinavia’s biggest darknet market to date. It started as Silkkitie in 2013. Two years after its founding, Silkkitie was rebranded into Valhalla Market and its rapid growth was noted. It turned from Finnish-only to international and English-operating, soon to start introducing other languages.

This kind of innovation seems promising not only for the future expansion of the market, but also for the comfort of its clients and quality of the service. If something infuriates Kapteeni, it is unfair and violent business. Valhalla Market keeps up with innovations so that such business can be reduced and annulated.

As the market develops, there surely is a possibility of further innovations. There is already auctioning for product(s) that the market allows users (although, not much used by the vendors). As it seems, shopping at Valhalla Market is both safe and fun!

The Rapid Growth of Valhalla Market

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Created in 2013, Valhalla Market grew to be one of the leading darknet markets. Led by a unique ideology, Valhalla Market is ensuring its clients’ trust.

Finland, like many of its neighboring Scandinavian countries, is regularly reaching peak positions across many different vectors of economic and societal growth. Education, design, and technology are just some fields in which Finland reigns as the leader.

However, not all top-performing nations earn their reputation through legal systems.

Ideology over capital

Such is Valhalla Market, a Finnish cryptomarket on the darknet, which certainly justifies its title of the leading online drug market for Finland and Scandinavia.

What ensured Valhalla Market this position is not just the classical capitalistic notion of earning money. Anyone familiar with the leadership philosophy of Kapteeni, Valhalla Market’s admin, knows that the market is far beyond that.

It is an ideological project aiming to extinct violence from drug distribution, and make it a fair trade business.

Kapteeni governs the Valhalla Market with rules that may appear strict, but they’re actually immensely caring to the market’s users. This way, the main goal is that all operators at Valhalla encounter no harm whatsoever while conducting their business.

Selling drugs on the streets is a suspicious and risky business, where the quality of the product or the reputation of the seller cannot always be verified. Due to Kapteeni’s guidance, the risk of these aforementioned factors is minimal or even non-existent for the users at Valhalla Market.

Two long years

However, the marketplace did not start as Valhalla Market. Its initial site was Silkkitie, a word that means “Silk Road” when translated from Finnish, and it was founded in 2013.

What started as a Finnish-only market grew into an internationally acclaimed market just two years after. It was eventually rebranded into Valhalla.

Part of this growth lies in the mere choices of naming the brand. Silkkitie still exists as a name for Finnish clients, but Valhalla Market was sensitive enough towards its foreign clients.

Not everyone could pronounce the Finnish word properly, so the new name was introduced in respect to non-Finnish speaking clients. One of the strategies for future expansion and growth is introducing service in other clients’ languages.

This way, everyone can feel at home at Valhalla Market, while at the same time partaking in international community.

Speaking about the market’s existence, some might say, “What, two years is an indicator of success?!” and claim that this is not a long period of time. But for a darknet market, this is enough to be recognized as a veteran and for things to change rapidly on the darknet, as markets appear and die on a daily basis.

Moreover, as Kapteeni based development of Valhalla Market on honesty and safety, it is not a wonder then how swiftly the market grew under such a philosophy.

Responsibility required from vendors, and the fact that they have to treat their clients having the same philosophy in mind, leads to less scams and drug-related harm.

Not all darknet markets are ready to base their business on this value system (or any value system for that matter). But, by caring for money only, low-quality drugs are being distributedvia some markets, and many have performed exit scams.

Reputation well-deserved

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Finland, like many of its neighboring Scandinavian countries, is regularly reaching peak positions across many different vectors of economic and societal growth.

Valhalla Market opposes such business maintenance by providing its users with a world-renowned safety service. In addition to this, Valhalla Market’s user-friendly interface is a significant contributor to its high-pace growth rate.

Some examples through which users are putting more and more trust in Valhalla Market are the ability to express their feedback regarding the service, and even get some thrill while auctioning for desired products.

Despite the fact that it functions on an invite-only principle, the number of users at Valhalla Market is not decreasing. On the contrary, this principle ensures even more security and comfort in obtaining or distributing desired products.

Not everyone can just pop up and sell random merchandise. The users at Valhalla can be reassured that their business will be conducted as proper as it can be.

To maintain a market and, moreover, to earn such a reputation is not an easy task. Valhalla Market and Kapteeni’s core values are being transposed to the market’s users, while the former, by obliging to them, contributes to their favorite market’s development.

Having in mind the compatibility between the provider, the service and the users, it seems that a pleasant future with new developments awaits the Valhalla Market.

Nokia, Tom of Finland, Iittala, Marimekko, and Moomins have already conquered the world as the most famous Finnish export brands. Will Valhalla Market join the list?

Admin Talks About Valhalla (Silkkitie) Market

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Silkkitie, now Valhalla, is one of the oldest markets on darknet, operating since 2013. Silkkitie is characterized by world-class security, based on its unique features.

Providing maintenance of a market on the dark web and managing its reputation are not easy tasks.

This is something the admin of Finnish-went-international market Silkkitie knows very well.

Thanks to Kapteeni’s guidance and innovations in caring for its users, Silkkitie has survived a number of FBI operations that targeted darknet markets, and has earned a veteran reputation on the dark web.

Since the market’s beginnings in 2013, it has undergone major rebranding—taking a new name, Valhalla, and expanding to a worldwide user base.

What was it like in the beginning? What has this rebranding brought to the already established Silkkitie, feature-wise? What are the plans for the future? Here are some of Kapteeni’s thoughts on these matters.

New Name, New Features

Due to effective restrictions of Finnish customs and the poor state of street markets in Finland, there was a need to form a darknet marketplace that can cunningly evade law enforcement agencies and secure safe shipments to Finnish clients.

This led to the founding of Silkkitie in 2013, as its admin states.

Two years after its kick off,the marketplace was given a more symbolic name, Valhalla, in 2015.

The reason for this rebranding is mainly because non-Finnish speakers were having difficulties pronouncing the name Silkkitie.

There were also negative associations related to already-closed markets.

Its new name refers to resilience in Nordic mythology.

In addition to this, the new market offers some innovative and unique features.

Innovations in the Internalization Process

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Providing maintenance of a market on the dark web and managing its reputation are not easy tasks.

Frustrated with greediness of other admins and exit scams, Kapteeni recognized Silkkitie’s shift from Finish to English as an efficient way to internationally claim its reputation based the trust it had gained among Finnish clients.

This shift inevitably came with a twist in accessing the market.

Similar to how Odin chooses Vikings to enter Valhalla, Silkkitie functions as invite-only market for two main reasons.

Due to expansive internalization of the market, it was essential to introduce growth control that can balance out the pace of the growth without turning Silkkitie into an out-of-control nightmare.

On the other hand, what was equally important for the admin was to come up with a marketing strategy that can promote the market beyond a local framework of painting graffiti and distributing stickers.

So he introduced a reward system for inviting users. As such, invite-only practice proved equally convenient for both the market and its clientele.

While humbly stating his responsibilities in establishing Silkkitie as one of the longest-running markets, the admin proudly notes which features distinguish Silkkitie from other markets—aside from its renowned, world class security that keeps users safe.

Its user-friendly and client-oriented interface results in numerous benefits, some of which are fast loading times and multisig payments, the ability to filter results by shipping country, and display prices in whichever currency a user chooses.

These are actually quite refreshing options to see on a darknet market. All of these features are undergoing improvement on a regular basis, as Silkkitie is constantly asking for feedback from users, which serves as a base for the market’s future development.

In addition to these little hacks, Silkkitie offers an option to auction products, similarly to Ebay.

This practice not only ensures that both ends will bargain a satisfying price, but the admin says it also brings a little bit of excitement to buyers while bidding for a desired product.

Future Expansion

When asked about future plans for the darknet market, Kapteeni says it’s important to put users’ safety and security as the main priority.

This includes updating the market with innovative solutions that will hopefully contribute to its development.

Internally, Silkkitie pushes the market towards introducing new languages that will allow the service to interact with users’ native languages.

As the number of vendors and buyers in Norway increases, Norwegian will be introduced first. Hopes are also set for more effective support, so that clients will not have to wait for a response for longer than a day.

It is clear that Kapteeni aims to keep Silkkitie present, growing and up-to-date with the evolution of new technologies.

With recent media exposures and a change in user demographics, “there will be interesting times ahead” for Silkkitie, according to the admin.

If you are eager to witness Silkkitie reaching the new milestone, stay tuned.

The Finnish Darknet Site Called Silkkitie


Silkkitie is one of the oldest markets on the darknet, online since 2013. Silkkitie or Valhalla boasts with world-class security for its users and offers some unique features.

When a website survives day-to-day changes on the Darknet for two or more years, it is considered a veteran, or “resilient as hell”, as the founder of Silkkitie market likes to say.

And indeed, Silkkitie market has been around since 2013 which is a great success for a dark web marketplace.

The once strictly Finnish market has taken a new name, Valhalla, as of 2015, and opened its gates to the international consumer market – catering to their needs for drugs and other ‘exotic’ products.

It has a simple design, it’s easy to use, and boasts of world-class security for its users.

It’s stable and has had little downtime since it started.

Silkkitie’s first steps

According to its admin Kapteeni, it all started due to the strict Finnish customs.

Apparently, with the increasing number of darknet shipments from other countries, the authorities became more suspicious and aware of the shady goings on in Finland.

It became difficult for Finnish users to obtain drugs.

Another reason for starting Silkkitie was “the poor state of street markets”, according to Kapteeni.

Apparently, Finnish people aren’t that inclined to have to deal with all sorts of people, and at the time there were a lot of crooks on the streets who couldn’t care less if they sold low quality drugs – and then there’s always the violence factor that accompanies these kinds of “businessmen”, as Kapteeni says.

The drugs obtained on the streets were often low quality products or something else entirely!

These are the two main reasons for Silkkitie to step in – ultimately to improve the general state of the Finnish drug scene.

Silkkitie goes international

When a website survives day-to-day changes on the Darknet for two or more years, it is considered a veteran, or “resilient as hell”, as the founder of Silkkitie market likes to say.

2015 saw the favorite Finnish market taking its new name, Valhalla, and there were several reasons for this.

First of all, it happened just after the fall of Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road.

The admin of Silkkitie felt that the name was far too referencing of this event and of the Operation Onymous in 2014 that put a lot of other darknet markets out of business.

He was afraid that it might have a bit negative connotation.

Call it superstition if you will.

Apart from this, the admin admits that the name Silkkitie is a bit difficult to pronounce for the non-Finnish clientele, so it had to go.

Thus, Silkkitie became Valhalla – “the hall of the fallen, a reference from the Norse mythology.

It’s an interesting story really – Valhalla is a grandiose hall in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin.

The new market, Valhalla, is open to the international public and is in English.

The admin explained his frustration at a number of markets performing exit scams and other markets being managed by incompetent admins.

He felt that it was time to introduce some basic order into the darknet drug scene.

His solution was to offer the stability of Silkkitie to the foreign crowd.

And indeed, users around the world recognized Silkkitie, now Valhalla, as a reliable marketplace and it began expanding rapidly.

Something had to be done about this in controllable growth, otherwise it would soon become unmanageable.

So, Kapteeni made Valhalla an invite-only market with a unique twist.

You can register, but only if you have obtained an invitation.

The neat twist is that its referral system, unlike the usual markets, allows you to collect invite earnings.

How else is Silkkitie different than other marketplaces?

A few things distinguish Silkkitie from all other markets apart from its longevity.

We won’t be going into full details here, but, we’ll just mention a few.

First and probably the most important thing about this market is its admin’s resolve to keep it safe and secure for its users.

That’s why there are multiple payment options available –escrow, FE, 2FA, multisig, and forced PGP.

Former Silkkitie market also has a great little option for its users – it allows auctions, similar to eBay and Amazon on the clearnet.

It also facilitates the prices to be displayed in currency of your choice, which is refreshing to see on a darknet market.

As for the market’s future plans, the priority is to keep the market up and running while maintaining its stability and security, according to the admin.

New languages are also planned, with Norwegian being the first.

In conclusion – Silkkitie is obviously here to stay (for as long as it can, at least), and is determined to evolve with technologies offering even greater security to its user base.

It’s definitely worth a look and… oh, here’s an invite URL for those of you who have read this far: http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register/DpXB