Well-Known Drug Vendor on Valhalla Market, Arrested

drug trafficking
Douppikauppa, a Finnish drug dealer on Valhalla market topples after being arrested – although he thought he wouldn’t get caught.

It’s not everyday that authorities get to bust such a big timer when it comes to drug trafficking. But indeed they did, in the case of one particular Finnish national.

Back in August 2016, authorities arrested three people involved in a large drug ring operating on Valhalla Market—caught with over €1 million worth of drugs in their possession.

One of these men, operating under the Douppikauppa moniker, had been particularly active on Valhalla Market, one of the most prolific underground darknet markets.

Douppikauppa was a well-known vendor, dealing in a wide variety of illicit drugs including LSD, MDMA, heroin and cocaine.

On Valhalla Market, Douppikauppa had been operating since 2013, with a history of many transactions and a good reputation.

Over a year before his arrest, Douppikauppa gave an interview to the Iranian-Finnish celebrity Arman Alizad, for a book that he was writing—Riisuttu Suomi, a series of interviews with people from different and interesting backgrounds.

What the interview shows is a clever, university educated 30-year-old who became interested in the drug trade after wanting to get a better supply of drugs to Finland.

With a day job that paid well, it was more about having accessible drugs for Douppikauppa rather than trying to make money.

He saw a gap in the market, and since the online darknet market trade was becoming quite popular, this is where he and a friend set up shop—on Valhalla Market.

Valhalla Market was originally a Finnish only site, known as Silkkkitie. But now it has gone multi-national.

Douppikauppa was able to purchase large quantities of drugs at a low price and sell through Valhalla Market to the people of Finland.

He even gave out LSD for free to customers, since they just wanted to get better drugs to Finland in the first place.

After a little while, Douppikauppa’s shop became the largest of its kind on Valhalla Market.

Illegal drugs written in black background by chalk
They purchase large quantities of drugs at a low price and sell through Valhalla Market to the people of Finland

Douppikauppa comes off as a fierce proponent of the benefits of taking psychoactive drugs; LSD in particular. Hence, the free doses that were shipped.

He believes that the benefits of using them can help everyone, from those suffering mental illnesses to those having a creativity block.

He also appears to be fairly responsible, not wanting to sell drugs to drug addicts and recommending alternate resources to those he believes are having issues with their use.

During the interview, Douppikauppa outlines the setup of the darknet market business. It involves a few smaller shops with employees to handle transactions.

Interested buyers could obtain drugs from these shops within the same day as purchasing, with couriers dropping packages over Finland, ready for the buyer to pick up. This process is known as terrain caching.

At the time of the interview, Douppikauppa was not stressed about being caught by the authorities, although he did know that there was a chance that it could happen.

He, in fact, states that he doesn’t think he would get caught, although we now know that did indeed happen. He seemed to indicate that he was prepared to go to jail if it ever came to that.

The interview paints a picture of a man slightly stressed by his double life that not even his wife knows about.

Still, he seemed to be enjoying the ride, meeting drug kingpins, managing his flourishing business on Valhalla Market and spending money.

Like many of his peers on darknet markets, Douppikauppa got into the scene simply because he wanted to do something good for people, even though it was related to illegal drugs.

He wanted to help out others and wasn’t interested in the money to begin with, although the cash flow no doubt sweetened the deal considerably.

For the crimes committed in Finland, this type of scenario amounts to 7 to 13 years in prison. In some other countries, it would be much longer or even result in the death penalty.

It is important to keep in mind that while many escape the arm of the law when trafficking in drugs online (usually those that don’t operate for too long), others, like Douppikauppa who operated on Valhalla Market, are ultimately caught.

They end up facing long prison sentences for their crimes.

While the high life can be exciting, jail would almost certainly not be, as this man will be experiencing now.

Douppikauppa – One of the Biggest Vendors on Valhalla Market

Drug syringe and cooked heroin on spoon
Up until his recent arrest, Douppikauppa was Scandinavia’s biggest darknet vendor, providing effective delivery and stable security to his clients on Valhalla Market.

Sufficiently financially secured with a regular day job and a college degree, Douppikauppa was also an active seller on Valhalla Market starting in 2013. He grew out to be Scandinavia’s biggest darknet vendor, serving the title until his arrest in August of last year.

As most of us, Douppikauppa believed that drugs would interfere with his state of mind negatively, but he soon discovered how harsh drug classification was, and educated himself even further on various effects that diverse drugs induce.

According to his own words, he was amazed to realize their benefits and enhancements after he familiarized himself with psychoactive substances.

Small collective, big business

Apparently (and similar to Kapteeni, Valhalla’s founder), he was driven by the idea of supplying Finns with better psychedelics. The foundation and further expansion of Valhalla Market, back in the day known as Silkkitie, served as a fertile base for him to start off his business.

Valhalla Market ensured far more convenient, and more importantly, cheaper means of obtaining drugs. With a steady funding reached by reselling drugs on the market, he laid foundations to become the biggest vendor in Scandinavia.

Growing business and increased orders on Valhalla Market led to the expansion of the business family. Merchants, working on delivery and packaging of smaller orders, were a huge contributing factor to this growth.

Douppikauppa was operated by 10 employees, mostly found through the Tor network. It was a business that allowed each one of them to be well taken care of. This is, after all, one of the founding principles of Valhalla Market as well, known for its world-class security and client-oriented service.

Providing well-secured service

Implementing an effective delivery system within the same or next day earned Douppikauppa trust from users on Valhalla Market. This included securing a safe spot for a courier to pick up and deliver the order, and a proper and creative camouflage—odorless packaging and letterboxes—for deliveries shipped by mail.

Keeping his job on the darknet market a secret even from his wife, and making sure his employees were unknown to each other, Douppikauppa reached a highly professional level of security for his business and customers.

Such maintenance can successfully evade cyber surveillance, keeping both Valhalla Market and Douppikauppa safe under encryption.

It is not a wonder then for him to hold this prestigious title as the biggest vendor on Valhalla Market leading his drugs and accessories business. Moreover, according to him, besides never becoming addicted to drugs (but rather only using certain drugs that would positively boost his performance), Douppikauppa has allegedly gained excessive leadership and organizational skills.

Drug education as a business ideology

Drug syringe and cooked heroin
As most of us, Douppikauppa believed that drugs would interfere with his state of mind negatively, but he soon discovered how harsh drug classification was, and educated himself even further on various effects that diverse drugs induce.

Given his personal views on drug use and its benefits, Douppikauppa’s clients of preference were of the same ideology.

Drug addicts who often face financial issues were a burden both for him and for Valhalla Market. But those who used drugs moderately and had control over themselves and their cravings were the best to work with—they mostly didn’t bargain, which makes the process smooth.

It is no surprise, then, that Douppikauppa supports drug legalization. Such action would have a positive impact on decreasing the crime rate among youth, and the government could financially benefit from it (even though his business would close as a result).

On Valhalla, Douppikauppa restlessly preaches his ideology on psychedelics. Allegedly, they have proven to be beneficial for mental health and, given his exemplary guidance on the darknet market, they also proved to be amazing creativity boosters.

So, additional and detailed notes on drug effects are provided with each delivery so that everyone operating on the market can be properly educated and warned.

He considered quality, safety and proper education on drugs crucial for his business on Valhalla Market.

A proud part of Valhalla Market

Above everything, Douppikauppa says his satisfaction on Valhalla was not so much about wealth and money as it was about being content with what he was doing in life.And apparently, being THE biggest vendor on a darknet market brought stability and fame.

If Douppikauppa didn’t start off as a darknet drug dealer, who knows what course his life would have taken. By encountering the unfamiliar and overcoming fear, he proudly and passionately reigned as the biggest vendor on Valhalla Market.

And there is no doubt that Valhalla Market was lucky to have him.

Valhalla Market: Categories and Product Listings

CATEGORY word written on wood block
Want to find out all about what’s available on Valhalla Market without having to sign up first? We’ve got all the info…

If you’re looking for a stable market on the deep web, then you may well have heard of Valhalla Market.

One of the most popular markets, Valhalla Market was originally known as Silkkitie, and was only available in Finnish before branching out to a worldwide audience.

The market has been online for quite some time now, in operation since October of 2013.

This makes it one of the oldest deep web marketplaces still in existence – they’re coming up on four years online. Valhalla Market operates at over 98 percent uptime.

To access the Valhalla Market, you will need to use the Tor browser, as well as make sure to find the correct address for the website, to avoid phishers.

So, what can you buy on the Valhalla Market? A similar array of items to other marketplaces. Here, we go into a little bit more detail about what you can find listed.


Like most other marketplaces on the deep web, you’ll find a large array of drugs on Valhalla Market, both illegal and restricted for sale, as well as legal drugs, too. At the time of writing, there are over 11,000 drugs listed on the marketplace.

The drugs category is further divided up into sections:

  • Cannabis, which contains weed, hash, edibles, concentrates, leaf, and synthetics categories
  • Stimulants, which contains amphetamine, cocaine, A-PVP, cathinones, snuff, crack, MDPV, nicotine, 2-FMA/4-FA, and phenidates categories
  • Empathogens, which contains Ecstasy, MDMA, MDA/MDAI, and methylone categories
  • Psychedelics, which contains LSD, DMT/AMT, mushrooms, 25x-NBOMe, Ayahuasca, mescaline, 2C-x, 5MeO-DiPT, 5-Meo-MiPT, LSA/LSZ, AL-LAD, ibogaine, and Dox categories
  • Opiates, which contains heroin, buprenorphine, oxycodone, fentanyl, tramadol, codeine, morphine, opium, and metadon categories
  • Pharmacy, which contains benzos, erectile dysfunction, sleep, ADHD, pain, sedatives, muscle relaxants, MAOIs, and nootropics categories
  • Dissociatives, which contains ketamine, salvia, MXE/MXP, Datura, and nitrous oxide categories
  • Depressants, which contains the GHB/GBL category

Dividing up each section into further categories makes this market particularly easy to navigate, especially when it comes to searching for the right drugs.

Other products

Check List Flat Icon. Vector illustration
If you’re looking for a stable market on the deep web, then you may well have heard of Valhalla Market.

The other main section on Valhalla Market is “Other products.” This contains:

Body building

Here is where you can find various substances that body builders often use, such as anabolic steroids, testosterone and growth hormones, to achieve a larger, more chiseled physique.

Cannabis growing

You’ll find everything here that you need to grow your own marijuana at home, including seeds and tents.

Mushroom growing

Similar to the cannabis growing category, you can find what you need to grow your own psychedelic mushrooms here, including mushroom spores.

Production / distribution

Here you’ll find items such as scales, packing materials and lab equipment, to help with your home packing and distribution set up.


Drug related items such as stash books, needles and pipes live in this category.


Need to stock up on things to defend yourself with? In the self defensecategory, you’ll find items such as guns and ammunition, explosives, sprays and tazers.

Digital items

The largest category on Valhalla Market is not drugs – it’s digital items.

In the digital items space, you’ll find all manner of goodies. These include guides and tutorials, such as carding techniques and hacking guides, ebooks, credit card data, identity data, erotica and other digital information such as PayPal account data.


Other people may offer customized services for a price on Valhalla Market.

The services category contains money, lotteries, hacking, trafficking, special shipping, fake IDs and forged documents, for a range of underground and illegal services.


Like any other classifieds online, this category contains a number of odds and ends such as designer jeans and other clothing, which may or may not be fake or stolen, replicas, and counterfeit notes.

Valhalla Market is a good place to shop because its categories and product listings are well laid out and easy to navigate.

You can sort categories by ‘Recommended,’ ‘Most Popular,’ ‘Newly Listed,’ and ‘Lowest Price,’ as well as sorting by ‘Escrow / Multi-Sig / FE,’ ‘Escrow / Multi-Sig,’ ‘Multi-Sig Only’ and ‘Auction Only,’ and ‘Top Vendors Only’ or ‘All Vendors.’ It is for this reason, and many more, that lots of buyers and sellers choose to use Valhalla Market.

If you’d like to join a deep web marketplace, either as a buyer or seller, make sure to have a browse through Valhalla Market to see if it might be a good fit for your needs.

With buyers and sellers from all over the world, it could just be the perfect market for you.

Just always be careful with network security when browsing the deep web.