Payment Methods Used on Valhalla Market

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset
Finnish-based Valhalla Market ensures reliable service for its users by offering three payment methods—escrow, multisig and finalize early options.

Considering the rapid shifts in technological developments, and everyday changes in the darknet scene, it might seem hard for a darknet market to keep up with these shifts while at the same time ensuring high safety for its users, high quality of its products, and after all, high profit for itself. Not everyone can succeed in this.

However, Finish-based Valhalla Market, led by renowned Kapteeni, seems to be on point with its successful business maintenance. In fact, he likes to say of his market that it’s “resilient as hell.”

The main policy of product-selling on Valhalla Market is that users do no harm to third parties, and that with notes and warnings in addition to the quality of the products, users are aware of the products’ effects.

Valhalla Market offers two product categories: drugs and other products. These can be browsed through a refined search, one of which displays listings by payment methods.

Reliable payment methods

Valhalla Market allows three payment methods. These include Escrow/Multisig/FE, Escrow/Multisig, and Multisig Only. Not everyone is familiar how these work, so here is the short breakdown of what each method means and how you can use them.

Escrow – mediating the business

Escrow is the term usually applied to real estate business in the United States. In terms of the internet, escrow is enabled when users place money under the control of a licensed, independent third party. This way, both buyer and seller are protected when a transaction is made. Once the both parties confirm that the transaction is completed under the set terms, money can be released.

On darknet markets, escrow works like this: a buyer orders the product and the money is placed on the website. Once the purchased item is delivered, the buyer gives a notice upon a successful finalization, and Valhalla Market releases the money to the seller. This stops vendors from taking money without delivering the product.

Multisig – fostering the cooperation

Multisig means that the transaction requires approval from more than one user; hence it requires more than one key in order to authorize a Bitcoin transaction. Signatures required are the seller’s, the buyer’s and Valhalla Market’s system.

Such practice requires cooperation of multiple parties, thus leading to better business, shared responsibility and respect of common values. Given the values practiced on the market, like user-oriented interface, multilingual service and good ratings, it is not a wonder that all three payment methods include multisig option. This way, everyone operating on the Valhalla Market has to be considerate towards their community because everyone’s personal business directly depends on someone else.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system.
Multisig means that the transaction requires approval from more than one user; hence it requires more than one key in order to authorize a Bitcoin transaction.

Finalize Early –proving the trust

FE stands as an abbreviation for Finalize Early. This means that a vendor has the opportunity to ask for the transaction to be finalized early.

Moreover, this would allow the vendor to have the escrowed payment transferred to themselves even in the case when the set terms are not yet met. Even though Don’t Finalize Early!” is the golden rule every user venturing to a darknet market should have in mind, Valhalla Market would not offer this method if it would alter its reputation, or would in any way compromise the safety of its clients.

On the contrary, as Valhalla Market functions under an invite-only system, this means that those operating on it have already gained certain credibility from the market’s administrators.

After all, some of the main reasons for founding Valhalla Market in the first place were frequent exit scams and poor treatment of users by other markets. Exit scams are not associated with Kapteeni and Valhalla Market.

Innovation, improvement, ideology

Currently, the market holds the crown of being Scandinavia’s biggest darknet market to date. It started as Silkkitie in 2013. Two years after its founding, Silkkitie was rebranded into Valhalla Market and its rapid growth was noted. It turned from Finnish-only to international and English-operating, soon to start introducing other languages.

This kind of innovation seems promising not only for the future expansion of the market, but also for the comfort of its clients and quality of the service. If something infuriates Kapteeni, it is unfair and violent business. Valhalla Market keeps up with innovations so that such business can be reduced and annulated.

As the market develops, there surely is a possibility of further innovations. There is already auctioning for product(s) that the market allows users (although, not much used by the vendors). As it seems, shopping at Valhalla Market is both safe and fun!

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