The Fate of Valhalla Market

Internet security concept
As Valhalla Market users face issues in accessing their funds, speculations arise as to what is about to transpire.

Valhalla Market is currently among the top darknet markets. As a result, it attracts hundreds if not thousands of users on a daily basis, which consequently means that the site owners generate a substantial amount of commission on sales and purchases.

But of late, many users in multiple platforms have complained about accessing their funds from the platform. For this reason, many speculations are being peddled as to what is about to transpire.

It is well known that darknet markets exit from the scene in the least expected way, leaving thousands of their users in limbo. From the past, it is noticeable that exits of darknet markets occur through scams or seizure by authorities.

However, some factors may cause a market to go down temporarily. And these factors include maintenance and hacks. During this time, a site maybe online but with limited functions or it may go down until the upgrade is complete.

For the case of Valhalla Market, the situation is currently very complicated because no valid reason has been provided as to why users cannot access their funds.

Just to mention a few well-known cases of darknet giants that have fallen, we have the famous Silk Road, Outlaw, AlphaBay and Hansa markets. These fell on either of the reasons listed above.

From the most recent seizure of AlphaBay and Hansa, we note that the aspect of unpredictability was evident. AlphaBay was closed down a few weeks before Hansa, but the process was well choreographed and meant to put darknet market users into some confusion to monitor their activities.

When AlphaBay went down, much speculation and rumor-mongering filled the air—with some users of the market suggesting that it may be an exit scam, other saying it was due to a maintenance issue. It was only after a few weeks that the U.S. authorities cleared the air indicating that they had seized the market.

The interesting part is that during the seizure of AlphaBay, Dutch authorities, on the other hand, had taken over Hansa Market on an earlier date. The main reason for closing down AlphaBay first was to monitor the activities of users in the various markets.

True indeed, this strategy yielded fruits as a peculiar trend was noted. Immediately after AlphaBay was closed, users rushed to create accounts on Hansa and other markets, including Valhalla Market. Surprisingly, they did so with the same usernames and passwords, which quickly tipped off investigators to who the users were.

During this time, it was noted that there were vendors who were operating on both the platforms with the same usernames. Perhaps, since they had built a reputation for themselves so it would be easier to get customers.

Evidence gathered indicated the users were the same, because not only were the usernames of the vendors similar, but so were the listings of the various goods and services they offered.

Now that the two markets have fallen, one is left wondering how many vendors operate on more than one market. Of course, diversity is essential and for this reason, it is evident that they are selling their products to several markets.

Since Hansa’s registration opened to new users during the time that AlphaBay was closed, a lot of “refugees” flocked to the market. So many, in fact, that Hansa’s registration platform had to be shut down. Users assumed Hansa’s servers weren’t able to handle the influx of new registrants, so admins would have to expand their servers and upgrade their systems to manage the traffic before re-opening.

All of this was pre-planned by law enforcement to deceive dark web users into believing Hansa was indeed full. A sting operation was being carried out by both the U.S. and Dutch authorities simultaneously. Some users suspected the site had been under control of law enforcement all along, based on what had transpired with AlphaBay weeks prior, but no one knew for certain what was happening.

In this time, hundreds of thousands of users in the darknet markets lost their Bitcoins running into millions of dollars, an amount which will never be recovered no matter what transpires.

Now that Valhalla Market is having issues processing payments, users are advised not to use the market. Commenters on Reddit maintain that those who do use the site are doing so at their risk because, as things are going on, it is tough to tell what will take place next.

Unsecured network concept
Upon finishing up the sale on Darknet, it is recommended that users withdraw their leftover funds as soon as possible.

Back in 2013, another major darknet market giant fell when the famed Silk Road was shut down by the feds. The founder, Ross Ulbricht (known online as “Dread Pirate Roberts” or DPR), was later arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

Authorities were on his trail for quite some time, during which period they spent months gathering evidence. They were able to get access to his server, which facilitated them to monitor his activities.

The major blunder done by DPR was using his real email address on platforms where he posted links to his website. This gave investigators a starting point, since they had a clue as to who was the mastermind.

It was this, together with his postings on other sites, that made authorities believe they were targeting the right person since the choice of words was similar.

The other instance of a high-profile market shutting down was Outlaw, which went offline earlier this year. It just disappeared one day, never to be back again. During this time, many speculations traveled across the darknet market community but at the end of the day, users lost all their funds.

It is therefore advisable that darknet market users adhere to tips that will enable them to stay relatively safe.

The first is to only deposit funds on the darknet site if and when users need them. And upon finishing up the sale, it is recommended that users withdraw their leftover funds as soon as possible.

From what has recently transpired, it is evident that most users end up accumulating large sums of Bitcoins with intentions to withdraw them later on. This is quite risky because they might end up losing everything in the event the market goes down, for whatever reason.

The second best practice is to never use real names in forums online. As in the case of the founder of the Silk Road, Ulbricht used his real email address to post onto one of the forums. This gave investigators a clue as to who was behind the market.

And, last but not least, individuals should employ the use of a VPN to ensure that they are anonymous over the dark web because hackers and government agencies can check users’ Tor usage.

For the fate of Valhalla Market, any of the above is possible and only time will tell because darknet markets come with a lot of uncertainty due to the nature of activities conducted.

But what is for sure is that no matter what transpires, the business keeps on growing. And the saying “when one door closes, another one opens” is applicable in this scenario.

For a fact, new markets are opened from time to time, and when they exit from the scene due to one reason or the other, it gives room for the smaller markets to grow. Just as was the case for the Silk Road, one would have thought that it was the end, but AlphaBay ultimately grew to be much bigger than its predecessor.

For now, Dream Market, Valhalla Market and Trade Route have grown expansively, and only time will tell the fate of these giants. It is expected that authorities are trying as much as possible to close them down, but people learn from their mistakes and that of others.

New challenges require new solutions, and for this reason, we note that authorities will have a hard time dealing with outlaws who create Dark web marketplaces to facilitate sales and purchases of illicit items.

Valhalla Market: One of the Top 3 Longest Running Darknet Markets

Events that Lead to the Creation of Valhalla Market

Hacker using a smartphone. Very dark nocturnal environment.
Valhalla Market is one of the oldest and most respected marketplaces on the darknet

Given the fact that hard drugs are deemed illegal almost everywhere, the recreational use of other substances is often frowned upon by the general community at-large. It’s not so much the use of these substances that’s not welcome as much as it is the conflict and danger that comes with acquiring them.

Since the recreational use of some substances is often not assigned to any real legal framework, there’s no legislation to control their sale.

Before drugs were sold on the internet, in-person disputes had to be settled between the seller and the buyer alone. As we all know, these disputes oftentimes end up with serious conflicts that could inevitably lead to violence and even death.

It is for this reason mainly that recreational drug use has been associated with crime. As such, the practice is demonized even further.

The drug market became more volatile as this negative perception become stronger, and the quality of the products was decreasing rapidly. But during this time, a community was formed that made a twist to the traditional way of selling drugs—by moving their enterprise online.

And since the internet could be easily monitored and the data going through it could be tapped into, the dealers behind online drug sales needed a more secure alternative. And they found it in the darknet.

The first instances of drug sale over the darknet were through various forums that were formed by like-minded people. These early markets were unintuitive, and had little to no customer protection that would guarantee that one of the parties would not get scammed.

It was not until after a few years that true darknet marketplaces started to operate, chief of them being the first Silk Road.

While the Silk Road was operating at increasingly high frequency, it was still a relatively new concept. As such, the site had many security flaws.

One such flaw had inevitably caused the market to get the attention of federal law enforcement authorities who then shut it down and arrested most of the people behind the site.

This caused a lot of turmoil in the darknet community, but many entrepreneurial members realized that the idea behind Silk Road—to bring illegal substances quickly and without fuss to people who wanted them—was a very profitable one.

This caused a number of different marketplaces to continuously appear all over the world, catering to different customer bases.

Birth of Valhalla Market

Hacker in front of his computer. Dark face
Silkkitie was formed and launched in October 2013 and located in Finland

One such marketplace has appeared in Finland, born out of the need for the local community to get a hold of different illegal substances. The increased intensity with searches of packages from abroad had left Finns metaphorically stranded from outside darknet vendors, since very few packages actually made it to their respective buyers.

And thus, Silkkitie was formed and launched in October 2013; a darknet marketplace located in Finland and catering exclusively to local buyers and vendors.

It operated under the ideology that everybody has the right to do what they want with their bodies, and the process of acquiring illegal substances should not put people in danger. The Silkkitie marketplace has grown substantially over time and has expanded to become an international enterprise called “Valhalla.”

Valhalla Market quickly grew in popularity for being one of the more trustworthy and secure darknet markets, and has started to compete with most of the major marketplaces despite being significantly smaller.

With its simple user interface, multiple security features and good support staff, Valhalla has quickly managed to gather recognition as a top darknet market.

Oldest Marketplaces on the Darknet

When all things are considered and the data is compiled, it is clear that Valhalla Market is one of the longest existing darknet markets.

Considering the fact that most marketplaces shut down after a year or two, Valhalla has been able to exist for a commendable amount of time. The only other international marketplaces that can compete in this domain with Valhalla Market are Hansa and AlphaBay, which were recently shut down in a law enforcement raid.


Being one of the oldest marketplaces currently on the darknet, Valhalla deserves a certain dose of respect from the community.

Often using the tagline “Resilient as Hell,” Valhalla Market has managed to persevere in the very volatile landscape of the dark web, longer than most marketplaces. It even outstands some of the larger and more populated markets throughout history to date.

While there are country-specific marketplaces that are even older, Valhalla remains one of the two oldest, still-functioning and truly international marketplaces on the dark web.

How to Buy From Valhalla Market Safely

Darknet hidden service
Learn how to get to theValhalla / Silkkitie Market, and start buying items on the dark web.

Though the contrary is often seen as true, darknet markets do not only include illegal items and goods. While most products found on dark web marketplaces—and the Valhalla Market in particular—are against the law, there are also many exceptions that you can find beneficial.

Moreover, I guess you have already heard about the Valhalla Market (better known by its Finnish name, Silkkitie) and probably came across this guide along a Google search to find out more about the site. But were you actually able to open the market and browse the goods it has to offer? If not, continue reading the guide below to see how you can do so!

First of all, let’s learn some basic info about the dark web.

The dark web is a hidden layer of the internet that empowers its users with the opportunity to view all sorts of darknet marketplaces, including the Valhalla Market, and all the interesting offerings each one of them brings to users.

Anyhow, the dark web can be quite a dangerous place to be, so staying anonymous and secure is an important step to take before you venture into the network.

First of all, you should know that you cannot access any dark market from your regular browser. So, you need Tor!

NOTE: It is inevitable and equally important that you install a VPN software program before downloading Tor because the feds and ISPs are monitoring and tracking everyone who is downloading the program.

Get a safe VPN (Virtual Private Network)

To hide your identity and completely mask your IP address (even from Tor), be certain you download a VPN service first. As was previously mentioned, the Tor browser isn’t enough to effectively cover your tracks and hide your data.

However, the perfect combination of actions you should take to access the dark markets, and Valhallain particular, is to use both a VPN and Tor at the same time.

The VPN creates a safe tunnel between your device and your intended location (link), which enables users to transfer data as if they were directly connected to a network.

Now, if you’re ready to download this must-have software, you should first be wary that not all VPN software programs offer enough security.

As such, I recommend check out the best VPN services here:

The Tor Browser

Tor Browser
The Tor Browser is one of the most famous encryption tools.

The Tor Browser is one of the most famous encryption tools which enables users to encode their data in layers. This particular software is able to handle the dark web’s .onion URLs (for example, the URL for the Valhalla Market) and grants its users with the ability to access darknet markets.

After downloading, installing and firing up a VPN service of your choosing (in order to prevent the feds monitoring), the next step of accessing Valhalla is to download and install Tor.

You can find Tor on the link below:


The PGP key is another encryption tool you should use on your way to the dark web. More specifically, it is used to communicate with a vendor.

The tool encrypts all messages and sensitive data. So, in case the Valhalla/Silkkitie Market is ever seized by law enforcement, your information and location would stay hidden and safe.

But, it is important to note that not all PGP keys are safe enough. According to many users, you can find one of the best PGPs at this link

Bitcoin and Bitcoin wallet

Chances that someone will steal your Bitcoins is low.

In order to buy anything from the Valhalla Market, or from darknet markets in general, you need to have a specific currency—Bitcoin. This worldwide currency is used for digital payments, and it is both anonymous and encrypted. However, even though the chances that someone will steal your Bitcoins is low, be aware that it is possible.

Everything you need to know about Bitcoins can be found at

Since buying and processing payments with Bitcoins is a completely legal thing to do, there is no need to use Tor while buying this cryptocurrency.

After buying your Bitcoins, you need to store them. The place where you can keep your Bitcoins is called a Bitcoin wallet, and the most reliable one can be found at (it is available for every platform).


To access the Valhalla Market, you will need the exact Valhalla /  Silkkitie .onion URL to the website. In this case, it is http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register/DpXB (remember, you must use Tor).

Once you enter the website, the first thing you should do is register for an account. Although this step is easy and similar to literally any other site registration, you should still pay attention to a couple of things.

  • Valhalla RegisterThe username and the password must be something you have never used before (even to another darknet market), and it must not be anyhow connected or related to you.
  • Be careful when you choose a PIN, and also keep it as safe as possible (write it down if necessary).
  • Precisely write the captcha code (it is case sensitive).

Now that you are in, you need to set up your account. This means that you will need to enter your PGP key into the required field, in order to be able to communicate with the vendor.

Choosing an item

The list of products on the Valhalla Market is organized into categories (each one has a couple of subcategories), and you can find them on the top left side the website.

Finding an item on Valhalla is very easy—even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can review the categories and choose a product for yourself.

Here are some steps you can follow to do so:

  1. Browse listings by category

The categories include Drugs with its subcategories (Cannabis, Stimulants, Empathogens, Psychedelics, Opiates, Pharmacy, Dissociatives, Depressants) and Other products (Body building, Cannabis growing, Mushroom growing, Production/distribution, Paraphernalia, Self-defense, Digital items, Services, Classifieds).

Right below the categories, you can choose the currency you want to use for payment. You can pick from EUR, USD, GBP, NOK, BTC, etc.

  1. Using filters to pick an item

When choosing a product from the home page of the Valhalla Market, you can see some additional features by using the offered filters.

For example, you can choose to see products from the top vendors only, you can select the most popular products, or the ones with the lowest price.

Furthermore, you are able to see the price of the product and the name of the vendor right next to it.

  1. Buying from the right vendor

When choosing an item, you must make sure you’re buying from a well-established and reputable vendor. Finding a good vendor with a remarkable reputation is crucial.

So, when you select an item, click on the vendor’s picture in order to find the latest reviews from previous customers including positive and negative feedback, as well the vendor’s total revenue, transaction records, rating, and the last time they were online.

Right under these features you will find a section where you can send a message to the vendor or even report them if they seem a little bit suspicious to you.

The feedback of the vendor is mostly written with a PGP key. So in order to read it, you have to decode it first—meaning you must use this previously mentioned key.

  1. Check the product features before buying

Valhalla CategoriesAfter you choose the vendor and check all of their characteristics, you must analyze the product too. This means you should check the price, the feedback and, most importantly, if it is possible to be shipped to your country. There are products that are shipped from and to only a certain number of countries.

If you choose a product that can’t be delivered to your location, I suppose you will be disappointed. So, be certain that you check this feature before continuing with the purchase.

After reviewing these aspects of the particular item of your choice, you should continue with the guide……

But first, here’s a quick tip before you move on: The next step is to deposit Bitcoins. I would recommend you always deposit enough Bitcoins for the purchase you want to make, rather than depositing all of your available Bitcoins at once. In order to achieve better security, never leave Bitcoins on the Valhalla Market.

Purchase the item

Now it is time for you to buy the item you want. The steps for this are pretty simple, as follows:

  1. When buying a product, make sure you check the item’s quality as well. Read the description of its features.
  2. Choose the quantity.
  3. Then, simply click the BUY button.
  4. Logically, you will need to give some personal information, including your address. Don’t forget to encrypt your message when you’re doing this!

What to do after your product is delivered

When you receive your item, you need to finalize the order by selecting it as completed. Then the Bitcoins will be released and transferred to the vendor. Also, you have the option to rate your vendor, write in comments and feedback, and help inform vendors’ future decisions more easily.

However, if you don’t get your product on time, or if you are dissatisfied with the item you’ve received, you have the ability to initiate a dispute. This procedure is performed in case you cannot find a solution with the vendor (it is recommended that you contact them first).


Now that you’ve reached the end of this guide, there is nothing left for me to tell you except to wish you luck with the risks you are taking on the dark web and the Valhalla Market.

I hope you’re aware of them, and I certainly encourage you to follow all the advice above!

Sports Doping Drug Ring Busted in Finland Linked to Valhalla Market

drug trafficking
Finnish Customs just exposed a major drug trafficking ring through the popular darknet market, Valhalla.

According to a press statement made by Finnish Customs this August, a large scale drug trafficking operation was discovered by the authorities.

The operation was ongoing for quite some time on the Valhalla Market, which is a known marketplace on the dark web.

The perpetrators operated within Finland and distributed drugs to buyers both within the country and internationally through the darknet market.

The entire operation was described as a gigantic drug trafficking ring by the authorities.

History of the Valhalla Market

The Valhalla Market had gone by a different brand name in its past. It was first known to the world as the Silkkitie, starting off as a purely local market available only to the Finish community.

The entire website was in Finnish, and so access to this market was restricted to locals of the country. Years later, the marketplace decided to go international and then rebranded to “Valhalla.”

According to the admin of the site, the market was first created so that the Finnish community could buy quality products (drugs) more easily.

In interviews with media sites, the admin argues that the street markets in Finland provide poor quality products and often times end up cheating the customer.

Moreover, since there is no physical confrontation online, users generally don’t have to be concerned about any potential violence.

The Valhalla darknet market only allows restricted access to users worldwide. You have to be sent an invitation to join the market’s base of users.

The admin of the site said that the most important reason for this restriction is to control the growth of the website.

As the site opened up to the international market, he wanted to make sure that there wouldn’t be any implosion occurring from a huge spike in growth.

The restricted access also allowed the admin to enforce a reward policy for the site’s users if they invite other buyers and vendors to join. This way, the existing users are happy and the market’s user base is slated to grow continually.

Drug Operation Busted

In the recent bust, the Finnish customs department stated that vendors in the Valhalla darknet market sold testosterone blockers, erectile dysfunction medications and various other doping drugs.

They were able to import these drugs from other countries such as China and Germany and distribute them through the online marketplace. Some of the drugs were produced locally as well.

A lot of information regarding this case is still missing due to its ongoing status, but the provided press releases help piece together the story.

stack of drugs
The customs department seized nearly $420,000 worth of drugs

The customs department first discovered the drug trafficking ring after they seized nearly $420,000 worth of drugs.

Based on the various reports that have come out, some have speculated that the authorities had already identified or arrested the involved parties long before the first press release was made.

According to these users, the customs authorities are reaching further into their investigation of how deep the drug trafficking ring was orchestrated in the Valhalla Market.

There are many reasons for this speculation. The customs department claims to have gathered data on numerous Valhalla Market users within a short time period.

It seems very unlikely that they were able to gather information about more than 200 users while the pretrial investigation was going on. Therefore, it’s easy to speculate that either the perpetrators of the drug ring kept a neat record of their users or the information was traded for leniency.

While none of this can be confirmed at this point, we will just have to wait for the official report to come out soon.

The authorities, however, also released a statement saying that the preliminary examination had been completed and that the case was being transferred to the prosecutor to initiate legal proceedings.

Various complaints have been lodged recently about the Valhalla site’s reliability and even deposit issues. The fate of the entire market may just bank on how this case develops—Will it still stand unscathed or will it bear the fate of the Silk Road? However, Valhalla Market is still up and running.

Well-Known Drug Vendor on Valhalla Market, Arrested

drug trafficking
Douppikauppa, a Finnish drug dealer on Valhalla market topples after being arrested – although he thought he wouldn’t get caught.

It’s not everyday that authorities get to bust such a big timer when it comes to drug trafficking. But indeed they did, in the case of one particular Finnish national.

Back in August 2016, authorities arrested three people involved in a large drug ring operating on Valhalla Market—caught with over €1 million worth of drugs in their possession.

One of these men, operating under the Douppikauppa moniker, had been particularly active on Valhalla Market, one of the most prolific underground darknet markets.

Douppikauppa was a well-known vendor, dealing in a wide variety of illicit drugs including LSD, MDMA, heroin and cocaine.

On Valhalla Market, Douppikauppa had been operating since 2013, with a history of many transactions and a good reputation.

Over a year before his arrest, Douppikauppa gave an interview to the Iranian-Finnish celebrity Arman Alizad, for a book that he was writing—Riisuttu Suomi, a series of interviews with people from different and interesting backgrounds.

What the interview shows is a clever, university educated 30-year-old who became interested in the drug trade after wanting to get a better supply of drugs to Finland.

With a day job that paid well, it was more about having accessible drugs for Douppikauppa rather than trying to make money.

He saw a gap in the market, and since the online darknet market trade was becoming quite popular, this is where he and a friend set up shop—on Valhalla Market.

Valhalla Market was originally a Finnish only site, known as Silkkkitie. But now it has gone multi-national.

Douppikauppa was able to purchase large quantities of drugs at a low price and sell through Valhalla Market to the people of Finland.

He even gave out LSD for free to customers, since they just wanted to get better drugs to Finland in the first place.

After a little while, Douppikauppa’s shop became the largest of its kind on Valhalla Market.

Illegal drugs written in black background by chalk
They purchase large quantities of drugs at a low price and sell through Valhalla Market to the people of Finland

Douppikauppa comes off as a fierce proponent of the benefits of taking psychoactive drugs; LSD in particular. Hence, the free doses that were shipped.

He believes that the benefits of using them can help everyone, from those suffering mental illnesses to those having a creativity block.

He also appears to be fairly responsible, not wanting to sell drugs to drug addicts and recommending alternate resources to those he believes are having issues with their use.

During the interview, Douppikauppa outlines the setup of the darknet market business. It involves a few smaller shops with employees to handle transactions.

Interested buyers could obtain drugs from these shops within the same day as purchasing, with couriers dropping packages over Finland, ready for the buyer to pick up. This process is known as terrain caching.

At the time of the interview, Douppikauppa was not stressed about being caught by the authorities, although he did know that there was a chance that it could happen.

He, in fact, states that he doesn’t think he would get caught, although we now know that did indeed happen. He seemed to indicate that he was prepared to go to jail if it ever came to that.

The interview paints a picture of a man slightly stressed by his double life that not even his wife knows about.

Still, he seemed to be enjoying the ride, meeting drug kingpins, managing his flourishing business on Valhalla Market and spending money.

Like many of his peers on darknet markets, Douppikauppa got into the scene simply because he wanted to do something good for people, even though it was related to illegal drugs.

He wanted to help out others and wasn’t interested in the money to begin with, although the cash flow no doubt sweetened the deal considerably.

For the crimes committed in Finland, this type of scenario amounts to 7 to 13 years in prison. In some other countries, it would be much longer or even result in the death penalty.

It is important to keep in mind that while many escape the arm of the law when trafficking in drugs online (usually those that don’t operate for too long), others, like Douppikauppa who operated on Valhalla Market, are ultimately caught.

They end up facing long prison sentences for their crimes.

While the high life can be exciting, jail would almost certainly not be, as this man will be experiencing now.

How to Easily Access Valhalla Market

Logo of Hacker Detected
The dark web is a part of the Internet that is hidden

Ready to dip your toes into the pool of online darknet markets? Valhalla Market is one of the most popular marketplaces on the dark web where you can find all sorts of goods, ranging from drugs to body building products, self-defense items, special services and account data. Better known by its Finnish name, Silkkitie, it has lost the glory as a Finnish darknet market in order to symbolize its move to the international waters.

According to its users, Valhalla Market is a well-secured, reliable place for both buyers and sellers. It accepts new users (both customers and vendors) only through invitations, in order to prevent quick overgrowth.

Most importantly, you can’t access this site via your regular web browser—there’s no opening Chrome or Safari and putting in It’s only available by using special software that you need to download to access the dark web. I will teach you how I set up Tor and VPN step-by-step, how to create an account at Valhalla Market and browse around to show you everything this market has to offer.

So, first up, we need to discuss—what is the dark web?

The dark web is a part of the Internet that is hidden. The regular internet is available over unencrypted networks and can be accessed from any browser (like Chrome or Safari). Encrypted just means scrambling data that’s sent over the network so that people can’t see what it is if they’re listening on the line—so unencrypted means people can see your data (if they’re looking).

You might have heard that HTTPS websites/connections encrypt data, too—however, everyone can still reach them with a regular browser. This just means, for example, when you’re accessing your online banking, that no one can see the data going back and forth between you and your bank.

The difference between these sort of websites or connections and the dark web is that you cannot access the dark web encrypted website without specific software.

What software must be used to access the dark web?

To access the dark web, you need to use a special software, like Tor or I2P. To access Valhalla Market, in particular, you should use Tor.

Official website to download Tor Browser
Tor (or The Onion Router) is a free software that encrypts network connections in layers

Tor (or The Onion Router) is a free software that encrypts network connections in layers. Tor empowers users to use the internet anonymously and it’s being used by a wide diversity of people for lawful as well as unlawful purposes.

However, Tor isn’t designed to erase tracks and resolve the anonymity issue on the web completely, but instead lower the possibility of tracing actions and data by the sites back to the user.

To access a website over the other side of the world, you use a network. That network isn’t one direct connection from your computer to the other, there isn’t just one link. It is made up of a lot of links (known as hops in networking terminology), or a lot of routers connected together to form one long chain.

With Tor, at each link, the network adds a new layer of encryption. The Tor network is comprised of a network of Tor routers/nodes. At each end of the connection between you and your intended destination, is a Tor “entry node” and a Tor “exit node.”

At the entry node, it encrypts your data and adds another layer of encryption at each router/node in the network until it gets to the end. So it knows the destination, and with each encryption in the chain that is added, it can only see backward one link—and not to your computer, or any in the chain before it.

Once it reaches the destination and starts to bounce back on the network to you, it decrypts one link at a time, eventually finding its way back to you.

First, we need to discuss what is virtual private network (VPN)?

Official website to download top VPN sofrwares.
VPN allows only remote access using tunneling protocols and encryption techniques

The virtual private network is an extension of a public network, more precisely a private network which allows its users to exchange data across public networks like their computers are directly linked to the private network (click here to find a good VPN for the Darkweb on Tor).

More precisely VPN is creating an encrypted, secure connection between a server operated by a computer and the server operated by the VPN service. Typically, VPN allows only remote access using tunneling protocols and encryption techniques in order to prevent detection of private information, authenticated.

Using Tor with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables users to completely hide their location and identity from the feds and ISPs. Without the use of VPN your Tor usage can be detected, they can also log your use of the internet and even keep an eye on everything you do.

If you want to use this highly desirable software, you should go to a good review site like and choose one of the best programs for becoming anonymous.

For preventing DNS leaks, you must close all of your programs including Skype, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud etc. The next step is starting your VPN app and downloading the Tor Browser as a single way for accessing a “.onion” URL address used by a dark market—including the Valhalla Market.

How do I get Tor?

To use Tor, you need to download the Tor browser package. This is available for all types of operating systems—Windows, Mac and Linux—and unless you specify otherwise, it will download to your desktop. For even better privacy, you are able to download Tor on Tails.

Here is the link where Tor can be downloaded:

Once you’ve got VPN and Tor installed, fire it up and open the Tor browser.

The Tor browser itself

Using the Tor browser itself is just like using any other browser. Once you’ve fired it up, you can type in the web address you want to reach in the address bar and away you go! You can type in into the address bar and you’ll see the Google page pop up. It will take longer to load than a regular browser, but that’s just the Tor network at work. You might also find that you get the Google homepage in a different country pop up—that’s because Google doesn’t know where you are.

Tor is also used by software developers as a building block in order to create new tools for communicating with built-in privacy features.

Now, if you try to search for the Valhalla Market website homepage in Google that’s just come up, you won’t find it. That’s because the Valhalla Market website is not indexed on the regular Internet—search engines (like Google) aren’t given its details.

Entering the Valhalla Market

Screenshot from Valhalla register page

  1. Once you are on the Tor browser over a VPN, you can start following the steps below:
  2. To get to the Valhalla Market, you need to enter the exact website address of the Valhalla Market into the address bar. You must remember to only get the address of the website from reputable sites (like this one, or com) as if you find them on something like Reddit, it may be a phishing link.

This is the correct Valhalla Silkkittie .onion URL->http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register/DpXB

Screenshot from Valhalla home pageDo not forget that if you aren’t using Tor, this link won’t lead you anywhere.

You’ll see a website come up that looks fairly basic. Many of the sites on the dark web look super basic—don’t be deterred that they’re just amateur websites!

  1. First of all you will see the login screen. It is required by you to register. In order to do that you’ll be requested to enter some information, namely: whether you’re a buyer or a seller, a username of your choosing, a password, password confirmation, and a question to make sure that you’re not a robot. Then, you can register.
  2. Although this looks way too easy, it is really important TO NEVER USE ANY INFORMATION THAT MIGHT BE RELATED TO YOU! This is especially important in the username and password section. Ensure yourself to use completely new username so it hasn’t anything to do with you and you have never used before. This is considered as a really easy way to give up your identity and to compromise your anonymity. You can only use numbers and letters here. For the password, you should follow the rules as for the username, except you can use every character of the keyboard. You aren’t limited to letters and numbers.
  3. The alternative to this—if you’re not ready to commit to getting a Valhalla Market account just yet—is to click on the link that says, “Browse products.” This gives you access to see what’s available on the Valhalla Market without having to sign up.

Screenshot from Valhalla category pageNow that you are IN, let’s see what you can find on the Valhalla Market

Without logging in, you are able to browse products and vendors. However, if you want to make a purchase, you’ll need to register for an account.

On the left side of this site, you can discern the listing of products arranged into groups depending on their type. The products are separated into Drugs, Stimulants, Empathogens, Psychedelics, Opiates, Pharmacy, Dissociatives, Depressants and Other products.

Each of them has its own subsets and every list includes the category, a picture, name of a good, price in BTC and USD, what country(s) it transports from and the vendor with feedback details.

You can even find reviews for the seller and a list of questions they have latterly received and answered. Also, there is a place where you can ask the seller a question. It has a large section including explanation and details for the product.

Filters for buyer to choose vendors.
You are able to browse products and vendors with turning the filter on

Except the product is out of stock, you will find a place to make your order on the page. You will enter the quantity, payment type, your shipping address and some extra notes you’d like to include for the vendor.

Other filters for the buyer.Another thing you can choose/select from the Valhalla Market is the country from which you want the product to be delivered, if you want the most popular products, the recommended ones, the newly listed or the ones with the lowest price. You can also choose the vendors, etc.The rest filters.

Now you need a BITCOIN

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system invented by an unknown programmer.

The easiest way to buy Bitcoins on Valhalla Market includes following the steps that this site provides. The instructions on how to buy, use, sell and tumble your Bitcoins are contained in this site. You should always use a VPN to avoid detection and send Bitcoins via a Bitcoin wallet. NEVER send Bitcoins directly from the exchange to the darknet markets or vise-versa.

Buying from Valhalla Market

Guide on how to buy Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system invented by an unknown programmer

The guide to buying from Valhalla darknet market is coming soon and will be linked as soon as it is done.

We have made a new complete step-by-step guide for buying from the Valhalla Market with everything you need to know, including what to look for, what to do, what NOT TO DO and tips on how to avoid scams. If you are even contemplating buying anything from TVM, then you should definitely read this.

And there you have it! In just a few steps, you’re able to easily access Valhalla Market and all of the goods that it has to offer. Remember to stay safe on the dark web, don’t reuse usernames and passwords, and a little extra tip for extra protection from prying eyes is to cover your webcam with paper or black tape so your face can not be recorded.

Anyone can go shopping and even browse without an account on Valhalla Market, so check it out.

Valhalla Market URL

Valhalla Market is just one of the many dark web markets. Originally this marketplace was a Finnish-exclusive market, but it has since turned international. Now, Valhalla Market operates in the English language. This market has been in existence since 2013, more precisely October of the same year.

Valhalla, as with any other market on the dark web, uses an onion URL. That only means that you will have to use the Tor browser to reach to Valhalla Market itself. This is the browser that will secure you full access to this marketplace. Needless to say, if you try opening the market while using any other browser, we guarantee you won’t make it. This includes browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.

Valhalla Market’s URL is http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion. As previously mentioned, you can clearly see it is an onion URL. You can copy this URL and paste into your Tor browser. After you have done this, you are officially in.

When you do decide to visit Valhalla Market, it is crucial that you stay completely anonymous. As we all know, being unknown during your time on the dark web is in your best interest. The less other users know about you, the safer you actually are.

When it comes to safety, make sure you always use the Tor browser in combination with a good VPN. This way, VPN and Tor together will secure you a safer stay on the dark web. The same goes for those who are going to use the Valhalla URL. Don’t ever reveal your identity or location, and always use the Tor browser along with a VPN.

9 Biggest Vendors On Valhalla Market

On Valhalla Market, a number of vendors can be found. So, today we have prepared a listing of nine vendors that are actually the biggest names in this marketplace. Each of these vendors is offering various services and products.

  1. NextGeneration

This is one of the vendors that have a lot of positive feedback. At this moment, there are 3,700 positive feedback posts connected to this vendor’s username. NextGeneration ships from the United Kingdom and is mostly selling drugs such as MDMA, Cocaine, Marijuana and Hash.

  1. TripWithScience

This vendor definitely justifies their place among the biggest 9 vendors on Valhalla Market. TripWithScience has 2,182 results of positive feedback today. This vendor ships from the United States and is selling liquid mushrooms.

  1. Hunterthompson

The vendor that goes under the name hunterthompson has a number of positive feedback posts (1,128). The vendor ships from Germany and is mostly selling speed paste on the dark web.

  1. PachoHerrera

With 2,112 results of good feedback, this vendor is one of the many who is mostly selling drugs such as MDMA, LSD, XTC, Ketamine Powder, Hash and speed paste. PachoHerrera ships from the Netherlands.

  1. CaliforniaDreams

Another drug vendor, CaliforniaDreams, has 1,875 results of positive feedback and is shipping from Germany. This vendor offers different kinds of drugs, mostly Kush and infused chocolate chip cookies.

  1. StealthPharmacy

As the name of this vendor suggests and you can already guess, this vendor is mostly selling medical pills. StealthPharmacy has 1,187 positive feedback comments and offers a huge list of items. Among them you can find various pills such as Viagra, Pregabalin, Zopiclone, Lorazepam, Codeine Phosphate, Xanax, Tramadol and many more.

  1. Cerberus

Just as the previous vendor, cerberus is known for selling medical pills such as Bensedin, Tramadol, Xanax, Pregabalin and many more. The shipping is made from the United Kingdom and this vendor has positive feedback posts totaling 2,781.

  1. Hogstandard

This Norwegian vendor has 1,883 positive feedback posts. The shipping is made from Norway. On hogstandard’s page you can find mostly Hash and Blueberries.

  1. Ukwhite

The vendor that goes under the name of ukwhite has 1,508 results of positive feedback. Obviously, this vendor ships from the United Kingdom and is only selling Cocaine.

Top 20 Most-Listed Goods For Sale On Valhalla

Once you have entered Valhalla Market, you can browse freely. Among the listings, there are a lot of products that can be found.

This marketplace has few features that you may find worth trying.

These are Valhalla’s top 20 listed goods that are on sale:

  1. Digital Goods (Other Products) – 13,424
  2. Services (Other Products) – 2,261
  3. Weed (Drugs – Cannabis) – 1,951
  4. Benzos (Drugs – Pharmacy) – 1,085
  5. MDMA (Drugs – Empathogens) – 1,074
  6. Ecstasy (Drugs – Empathogens) – 1,014
  7. Cocaine (Drugs – Stimulants) – 998
  8. Hash (Drugs – Cannabis) – 980
  9. Classifieds (Other Products) – 852
  10. Body Building (Other Products) – 715
  11. LSD (Drugs – Psychedelics) – 673
  12. Amphetamine (Drugs – Stimulants) – 561
  13. Heroin (Drugs – Opiates) – 300
  14. Ketamine (Drugs – Dissociatives) – 268
  15. Cannabis Growing (Other Products) – 253
  16. Concentrates (Drugs – Cannabis) – 224
  17. Self-Defense (Other Products) – 221
  18. Erective dysfunction (Drugs – Pharmacy) – 206
  19. Sleep (Drugs – Pharmacy) – 203
  20. Oxycodone (Drugs – Opiates) – 151

How To Use PGP Encryption Properly On Valhalla Market

As known, when it comes to being safe while browsing the dark web, PGP is your best friend. PGP encryption is what keeps you safe and secure. So, we might as well go ahead and do a general overview of the process that defines a PGP encryption program itself.

What you need to know for a start is that everyone has their unique PGP key. There are many different kinds of PGP programs, and one of the most used ones is GPA. It allows you to easily apply other people’s keys to your list of keys.

Follow these steps to set up and use GPA on Valhalla Market:

  1. So, the first thing to do is to download the GPA program.

Be cautious when installing GPA. Always check the GPA because it is never checked by default. This program allows you to efficiently encrypt and decrypt messages between yourself and others.

  1. After downloading GPA, you will have to make your PGP key.

The information you are going to input when creating your key does not necessarily need to be legitimate and true.

Important: For your username, always use an alias or some other username you have never used before. Make sure your username does not connect you to your real name or address. Never choose your real name or a username you have used/are currently using in any other account or profile. Don’t use names or aliases you use in video games or any kind of online account.

  1. You can go an extra mile and make a brand new email address, which you are later going to use for creating accounts.

The same rules discussed in step 2 also apply to creating an email address. Come up with an account that’s entirely new.

  1. Backing up your key is the next step you should do.

In your personal computer, you will find a file that goes under .asc. That’s the file you need. It doesn’t matter what device you are going to open it on, just make sure you use the option called “Notepad.”

  1. So, now when you already have your key, you can regularly share it with others.

In order to do so, you have to have your dashes copied and pasted from beginning to end.

Importing someone’s PGP key to your GPA program is an easy job. All you have to do is:

  1. Open the Notepad file
  2. Proceed to copy their key and import it into your GPA program.
  3. Lastly, you will be able to see if the key you imported was imported successfully or not. If it is successfully imported, you can easily send an encrypted message.

To encrypt a message that you want to send on Valhalla Market, follow these steps:

  1. You will open your clipboard first.
  2. After you do so, you can go ahead and type the message and choose the encryption option. This option can be found at the top of your clipboard window.
  3. After typing the message, you press “encrypt.”
  4. Then, you will be given a menu. In this menu, you will be required to select the key that you are using and the key you will receive your message with, later on.
  5. Right after you are done selecting, your message will be ready to be sent anytime.

The other thing you should know is what to do when you are the one receiving encrypted messages. And you must know, if you send encrypted messages, you will receive ones as well. So, in the times when you do get encrypted messages, all you have to do to is:

  1. Use the option to “decrypt” in your clipboard.
  2. And that’s it. You will have your message decrypted and clear.

Extra Security Precautions To Take On Valhalla Market

When you are visiting Valhalla Market, you have to be very aware of all the things that can go wrong. It is a well-known fact that law enforcement agencies are monitoring all those who are browsing the dark web and visiting its markets. So, make sure you don’t catch their attention. Don’t act suspiciously.

Also, don’t rush when accommodating the whole system because you may make a mistake or miss a step. Nothing can be more dangerous than that.

If you want to be extra protected on the dark web, do anything in your power to protect yourself. We suggest adopting the following best-practices while you’re visiting Valhalla Market.

  • Ensure that you come up with an entirely unique email address and username.
  • Always use a decent VPN because nothing is going to make you safer than a good VPN.
  • Don’t use your personal photos! Don’t share them on your accounts and profiles. Also, don’t ever send them to anyone. If you do use your own photo, make sure any recognizable feature that can identify you (like tattoos, for example) is hidden in the pictures.
  • Don’t reveal your current location or where you used to live. The same goes for the country of your origin or the name of the city you live in.
  • Completely avoid revealing your phone number. In fact, avoid making Skype calls or phone calls altogether.
  • Another way of being safe on the dark web, besides having your identity completely hidden, is to purchase products from trusted and well-rated vendors.
  • Don’t believe every listing (and corresponding item picture) you see out there because there are a lot of vendors selling products that are completely different than what’s listed on their page.

In general, always be wary and don’t let anyone deceive you. Believe us when we say: Nobody wants to be your friend. Remembering this is a good way to stay aware of the threats that you could be surrounding yourself with on Valhalla Market and in the dark web as a whole.

Basically, we suggest doing everything you can to be a virtual “ghost” on the dark web. Don’t let anybody tell you different. The less you reveal, the safer you are.

Please, be extra careful.

Good luck.

Payment Methods Used on Valhalla Market

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset
Finnish-based Valhalla Market ensures reliable service for its users by offering three payment methods—escrow, multisig and finalize early options.

Considering the rapid shifts in technological developments, and everyday changes in the darknet scene, it might seem hard for a darknet market to keep up with these shifts while at the same time ensuring high safety for its users, high quality of its products, and after all, high profit for itself. Not everyone can succeed in this.

However, Finish-based Valhalla Market, led by renowned Kapteeni, seems to be on point with its successful business maintenance. In fact, he likes to say of his market that it’s “resilient as hell.”

The main policy of product-selling on Valhalla Market is that users do no harm to third parties, and that with notes and warnings in addition to the quality of the products, users are aware of the products’ effects.

Valhalla Market offers two product categories: drugs and other products. These can be browsed through a refined search, one of which displays listings by payment methods.

Reliable payment methods

Valhalla Market allows three payment methods. These include Escrow/Multisig/FE, Escrow/Multisig, and Multisig Only. Not everyone is familiar how these work, so here is the short breakdown of what each method means and how you can use them.

Escrow – mediating the business

Escrow is the term usually applied to real estate business in the United States. In terms of the internet, escrow is enabled when users place money under the control of a licensed, independent third party. This way, both buyer and seller are protected when a transaction is made. Once the both parties confirm that the transaction is completed under the set terms, money can be released.

On darknet markets, escrow works like this: a buyer orders the product and the money is placed on the website. Once the purchased item is delivered, the buyer gives a notice upon a successful finalization, and Valhalla Market releases the money to the seller. This stops vendors from taking money without delivering the product.

Multisig – fostering the cooperation

Multisig means that the transaction requires approval from more than one user; hence it requires more than one key in order to authorize a Bitcoin transaction. Signatures required are the seller’s, the buyer’s and Valhalla Market’s system.

Such practice requires cooperation of multiple parties, thus leading to better business, shared responsibility and respect of common values. Given the values practiced on the market, like user-oriented interface, multilingual service and good ratings, it is not a wonder that all three payment methods include multisig option. This way, everyone operating on the Valhalla Market has to be considerate towards their community because everyone’s personal business directly depends on someone else.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system.
Multisig means that the transaction requires approval from more than one user; hence it requires more than one key in order to authorize a Bitcoin transaction.

Finalize Early –proving the trust

FE stands as an abbreviation for Finalize Early. This means that a vendor has the opportunity to ask for the transaction to be finalized early.

Moreover, this would allow the vendor to have the escrowed payment transferred to themselves even in the case when the set terms are not yet met. Even though Don’t Finalize Early!” is the golden rule every user venturing to a darknet market should have in mind, Valhalla Market would not offer this method if it would alter its reputation, or would in any way compromise the safety of its clients.

On the contrary, as Valhalla Market functions under an invite-only system, this means that those operating on it have already gained certain credibility from the market’s administrators.

After all, some of the main reasons for founding Valhalla Market in the first place were frequent exit scams and poor treatment of users by other markets. Exit scams are not associated with Kapteeni and Valhalla Market.

Innovation, improvement, ideology

Currently, the market holds the crown of being Scandinavia’s biggest darknet market to date. It started as Silkkitie in 2013. Two years after its founding, Silkkitie was rebranded into Valhalla Market and its rapid growth was noted. It turned from Finnish-only to international and English-operating, soon to start introducing other languages.

This kind of innovation seems promising not only for the future expansion of the market, but also for the comfort of its clients and quality of the service. If something infuriates Kapteeni, it is unfair and violent business. Valhalla Market keeps up with innovations so that such business can be reduced and annulated.

As the market develops, there surely is a possibility of further innovations. There is already auctioning for product(s) that the market allows users (although, not much used by the vendors). As it seems, shopping at Valhalla Market is both safe and fun!

The Rapid Growth of Valhalla Market

Modern thin line design concept for GROWTH website banner.
Created in 2013, Valhalla Market grew to be one of the leading darknet markets. Led by a unique ideology, Valhalla Market is ensuring its clients’ trust.

Finland, like many of its neighboring Scandinavian countries, is regularly reaching peak positions across many different vectors of economic and societal growth. Education, design, and technology are just some fields in which Finland reigns as the leader.

However, not all top-performing nations earn their reputation through legal systems.

Ideology over capital

Such is Valhalla Market, a Finnish cryptomarket on the darknet, which certainly justifies its title of the leading online drug market for Finland and Scandinavia.

What ensured Valhalla Market this position is not just the classical capitalistic notion of earning money. Anyone familiar with the leadership philosophy of Kapteeni, Valhalla Market’s admin, knows that the market is far beyond that.

It is an ideological project aiming to extinct violence from drug distribution, and make it a fair trade business.

Kapteeni governs the Valhalla Market with rules that may appear strict, but they’re actually immensely caring to the market’s users. This way, the main goal is that all operators at Valhalla encounter no harm whatsoever while conducting their business.

Selling drugs on the streets is a suspicious and risky business, where the quality of the product or the reputation of the seller cannot always be verified. Due to Kapteeni’s guidance, the risk of these aforementioned factors is minimal or even non-existent for the users at Valhalla Market.

Two long years

However, the marketplace did not start as Valhalla Market. Its initial site was Silkkitie, a word that means “Silk Road” when translated from Finnish, and it was founded in 2013.

What started as a Finnish-only market grew into an internationally acclaimed market just two years after. It was eventually rebranded into Valhalla.

Part of this growth lies in the mere choices of naming the brand. Silkkitie still exists as a name for Finnish clients, but Valhalla Market was sensitive enough towards its foreign clients.

Not everyone could pronounce the Finnish word properly, so the new name was introduced in respect to non-Finnish speaking clients. One of the strategies for future expansion and growth is introducing service in other clients’ languages.

This way, everyone can feel at home at Valhalla Market, while at the same time partaking in international community.

Speaking about the market’s existence, some might say, “What, two years is an indicator of success?!” and claim that this is not a long period of time. But for a darknet market, this is enough to be recognized as a veteran and for things to change rapidly on the darknet, as markets appear and die on a daily basis.

Moreover, as Kapteeni based development of Valhalla Market on honesty and safety, it is not a wonder then how swiftly the market grew under such a philosophy.

Responsibility required from vendors, and the fact that they have to treat their clients having the same philosophy in mind, leads to less scams and drug-related harm.

Not all darknet markets are ready to base their business on this value system (or any value system for that matter). But, by caring for money only, low-quality drugs are being distributedvia some markets, and many have performed exit scams.

Reputation well-deserved

Business growth concept picture for business growth abstract background.
Finland, like many of its neighboring Scandinavian countries, is regularly reaching peak positions across many different vectors of economic and societal growth.

Valhalla Market opposes such business maintenance by providing its users with a world-renowned safety service. In addition to this, Valhalla Market’s user-friendly interface is a significant contributor to its high-pace growth rate.

Some examples through which users are putting more and more trust in Valhalla Market are the ability to express their feedback regarding the service, and even get some thrill while auctioning for desired products.

Despite the fact that it functions on an invite-only principle, the number of users at Valhalla Market is not decreasing. On the contrary, this principle ensures even more security and comfort in obtaining or distributing desired products.

Not everyone can just pop up and sell random merchandise. The users at Valhalla can be reassured that their business will be conducted as proper as it can be.

To maintain a market and, moreover, to earn such a reputation is not an easy task. Valhalla Market and Kapteeni’s core values are being transposed to the market’s users, while the former, by obliging to them, contributes to their favorite market’s development.

Having in mind the compatibility between the provider, the service and the users, it seems that a pleasant future with new developments awaits the Valhalla Market.

Nokia, Tom of Finland, Iittala, Marimekko, and Moomins have already conquered the world as the most famous Finnish export brands. Will Valhalla Market join the list?

Douppikauppa – One of the Biggest Vendors on Valhalla Market

Drug syringe and cooked heroin on spoon
Up until his recent arrest, Douppikauppa was Scandinavia’s biggest darknet vendor, providing effective delivery and stable security to his clients on Valhalla Market.

Sufficiently financially secured with a regular day job and a college degree, Douppikauppa was also an active seller on Valhalla Market starting in 2013. He grew out to be Scandinavia’s biggest darknet vendor, serving the title until his arrest in August of last year.

As most of us, Douppikauppa believed that drugs would interfere with his state of mind negatively, but he soon discovered how harsh drug classification was, and educated himself even further on various effects that diverse drugs induce.

According to his own words, he was amazed to realize their benefits and enhancements after he familiarized himself with psychoactive substances.

Small collective, big business

Apparently (and similar to Kapteeni, Valhalla’s founder), he was driven by the idea of supplying Finns with better psychedelics. The foundation and further expansion of Valhalla Market, back in the day known as Silkkitie, served as a fertile base for him to start off his business.

Valhalla Market ensured far more convenient, and more importantly, cheaper means of obtaining drugs. With a steady funding reached by reselling drugs on the market, he laid foundations to become the biggest vendor in Scandinavia.

Growing business and increased orders on Valhalla Market led to the expansion of the business family. Merchants, working on delivery and packaging of smaller orders, were a huge contributing factor to this growth.

Douppikauppa was operated by 10 employees, mostly found through the Tor network. It was a business that allowed each one of them to be well taken care of. This is, after all, one of the founding principles of Valhalla Market as well, known for its world-class security and client-oriented service.

Providing well-secured service

Implementing an effective delivery system within the same or next day earned Douppikauppa trust from users on Valhalla Market. This included securing a safe spot for a courier to pick up and deliver the order, and a proper and creative camouflage—odorless packaging and letterboxes—for deliveries shipped by mail.

Keeping his job on the darknet market a secret even from his wife, and making sure his employees were unknown to each other, Douppikauppa reached a highly professional level of security for his business and customers.

Such maintenance can successfully evade cyber surveillance, keeping both Valhalla Market and Douppikauppa safe under encryption.

It is not a wonder then for him to hold this prestigious title as the biggest vendor on Valhalla Market leading his drugs and accessories business. Moreover, according to him, besides never becoming addicted to drugs (but rather only using certain drugs that would positively boost his performance), Douppikauppa has allegedly gained excessive leadership and organizational skills.

Drug education as a business ideology

Drug syringe and cooked heroin
As most of us, Douppikauppa believed that drugs would interfere with his state of mind negatively, but he soon discovered how harsh drug classification was, and educated himself even further on various effects that diverse drugs induce.

Given his personal views on drug use and its benefits, Douppikauppa’s clients of preference were of the same ideology.

Drug addicts who often face financial issues were a burden both for him and for Valhalla Market. But those who used drugs moderately and had control over themselves and their cravings were the best to work with—they mostly didn’t bargain, which makes the process smooth.

It is no surprise, then, that Douppikauppa supports drug legalization. Such action would have a positive impact on decreasing the crime rate among youth, and the government could financially benefit from it (even though his business would close as a result).

On Valhalla, Douppikauppa restlessly preaches his ideology on psychedelics. Allegedly, they have proven to be beneficial for mental health and, given his exemplary guidance on the darknet market, they also proved to be amazing creativity boosters.

So, additional and detailed notes on drug effects are provided with each delivery so that everyone operating on the market can be properly educated and warned.

He considered quality, safety and proper education on drugs crucial for his business on Valhalla Market.

A proud part of Valhalla Market

Above everything, Douppikauppa says his satisfaction on Valhalla was not so much about wealth and money as it was about being content with what he was doing in life.And apparently, being THE biggest vendor on a darknet market brought stability and fame.

If Douppikauppa didn’t start off as a darknet drug dealer, who knows what course his life would have taken. By encountering the unfamiliar and overcoming fear, he proudly and passionately reigned as the biggest vendor on Valhalla Market.

And there is no doubt that Valhalla Market was lucky to have him.

Admin Talks About Valhalla (Silkkitie) Market

Conceptual illustration. Young nerd exploring the Dark net / cartoon style editable flat illustration, clip art
Silkkitie, now Valhalla, is one of the oldest markets on darknet, operating since 2013. Silkkitie is characterized by world-class security, based on its unique features.

Providing maintenance of a market on the dark web and managing its reputation are not easy tasks.

This is something the admin of Finnish-went-international market Silkkitie knows very well.

Thanks to Kapteeni’s guidance and innovations in caring for its users, Silkkitie has survived a number of FBI operations that targeted darknet markets, and has earned a veteran reputation on the dark web.

Since the market’s beginnings in 2013, it has undergone major rebranding—taking a new name, Valhalla, and expanding to a worldwide user base.

What was it like in the beginning? What has this rebranding brought to the already established Silkkitie, feature-wise? What are the plans for the future? Here are some of Kapteeni’s thoughts on these matters.

New Name, New Features

Due to effective restrictions of Finnish customs and the poor state of street markets in Finland, there was a need to form a darknet marketplace that can cunningly evade law enforcement agencies and secure safe shipments to Finnish clients.

This led to the founding of Silkkitie in 2013, as its admin states.

Two years after its kick off,the marketplace was given a more symbolic name, Valhalla, in 2015.

The reason for this rebranding is mainly because non-Finnish speakers were having difficulties pronouncing the name Silkkitie.

There were also negative associations related to already-closed markets.

Its new name refers to resilience in Nordic mythology.

In addition to this, the new market offers some innovative and unique features.

Innovations in the Internalization Process

Internet crime concept.Hacker on dark blue digital background
Providing maintenance of a market on the dark web and managing its reputation are not easy tasks.

Frustrated with greediness of other admins and exit scams, Kapteeni recognized Silkkitie’s shift from Finish to English as an efficient way to internationally claim its reputation based the trust it had gained among Finnish clients.

This shift inevitably came with a twist in accessing the market.

Similar to how Odin chooses Vikings to enter Valhalla, Silkkitie functions as invite-only market for two main reasons.

Due to expansive internalization of the market, it was essential to introduce growth control that can balance out the pace of the growth without turning Silkkitie into an out-of-control nightmare.

On the other hand, what was equally important for the admin was to come up with a marketing strategy that can promote the market beyond a local framework of painting graffiti and distributing stickers.

So he introduced a reward system for inviting users. As such, invite-only practice proved equally convenient for both the market and its clientele.

While humbly stating his responsibilities in establishing Silkkitie as one of the longest-running markets, the admin proudly notes which features distinguish Silkkitie from other markets—aside from its renowned, world class security that keeps users safe.

Its user-friendly and client-oriented interface results in numerous benefits, some of which are fast loading times and multisig payments, the ability to filter results by shipping country, and display prices in whichever currency a user chooses.

These are actually quite refreshing options to see on a darknet market. All of these features are undergoing improvement on a regular basis, as Silkkitie is constantly asking for feedback from users, which serves as a base for the market’s future development.

In addition to these little hacks, Silkkitie offers an option to auction products, similarly to Ebay.

This practice not only ensures that both ends will bargain a satisfying price, but the admin says it also brings a little bit of excitement to buyers while bidding for a desired product.

Future Expansion

When asked about future plans for the darknet market, Kapteeni says it’s important to put users’ safety and security as the main priority.

This includes updating the market with innovative solutions that will hopefully contribute to its development.

Internally, Silkkitie pushes the market towards introducing new languages that will allow the service to interact with users’ native languages.

As the number of vendors and buyers in Norway increases, Norwegian will be introduced first. Hopes are also set for more effective support, so that clients will not have to wait for a response for longer than a day.

It is clear that Kapteeni aims to keep Silkkitie present, growing and up-to-date with the evolution of new technologies.

With recent media exposures and a change in user demographics, “there will be interesting times ahead” for Silkkitie, according to the admin.

If you are eager to witness Silkkitie reaching the new milestone, stay tuned.