Sports Doping Drug Ring Busted in Finland Linked to Valhalla Market

drug trafficking
Finnish Customs just exposed a major drug trafficking ring through the popular darknet market, Valhalla.

According to a press statement made by Finnish Customs this August, a large scale drug trafficking operation was discovered by the authorities.

The operation was ongoing for quite some time on the Valhalla Market, which is a known marketplace on the dark web.

The perpetrators operated within Finland and distributed drugs to buyers both within the country and internationally through the darknet market.

The entire operation was described as a gigantic drug trafficking ring by the authorities.

History of the Valhalla Market

The Valhalla Market had gone by a different brand name in its past. It was first known to the world as the Silkkitie, starting off as a purely local market available only to the Finish community.

The entire website was in Finnish, and so access to this market was restricted to locals of the country. Years later, the marketplace decided to go international and then rebranded to “Valhalla.”

According to the admin of the site, the market was first created so that the Finnish community could buy quality products (drugs) more easily.

In interviews with media sites, the admin argues that the street markets in Finland provide poor quality products and often times end up cheating the customer.

Moreover, since there is no physical confrontation online, users generally don’t have to be concerned about any potential violence.

The Valhalla darknet market only allows restricted access to users worldwide. You have to be sent an invitation to join the market’s base of users.

The admin of the site said that the most important reason for this restriction is to control the growth of the website.

As the site opened up to the international market, he wanted to make sure that there wouldn’t be any implosion occurring from a huge spike in growth.

The restricted access also allowed the admin to enforce a reward policy for the site’s users if they invite other buyers and vendors to join. This way, the existing users are happy and the market’s user base is slated to grow continually.

Drug Operation Busted

In the recent bust, the Finnish customs department stated that vendors in the Valhalla darknet market sold testosterone blockers, erectile dysfunction medications and various other doping drugs.

They were able to import these drugs from other countries such as China and Germany and distribute them through the online marketplace. Some of the drugs were produced locally as well.

A lot of information regarding this case is still missing due to its ongoing status, but the provided press releases help piece together the story.

stack of drugs
The customs department seized nearly $420,000 worth of drugs

The customs department first discovered the drug trafficking ring after they seized nearly $420,000 worth of drugs.

Based on the various reports that have come out, some have speculated that the authorities had already identified or arrested the involved parties long before the first press release was made.

According to these users, the customs authorities are reaching further into their investigation of how deep the drug trafficking ring was orchestrated in the Valhalla Market.

There are many reasons for this speculation. The customs department claims to have gathered data on numerous Valhalla Market users within a short time period.

It seems very unlikely that they were able to gather information about more than 200 users while the pretrial investigation was going on. Therefore, it’s easy to speculate that either the perpetrators of the drug ring kept a neat record of their users or the information was traded for leniency.

While none of this can be confirmed at this point, we will just have to wait for the official report to come out soon.

The authorities, however, also released a statement saying that the preliminary examination had been completed and that the case was being transferred to the prosecutor to initiate legal proceedings.

Various complaints have been lodged recently about the Valhalla site’s reliability and even deposit issues. The fate of the entire market may just bank on how this case develops—Will it still stand unscathed or will it bear the fate of the Silk Road? However, Valhalla Market is still up and running.

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