The Fate of Valhalla Market- Valhalla Market is currently among the top darknet markets. As a result, it attracts hundreds if not thousands of users on a daily basis, which consequently means that the site owners generate a substantial amount of commission on sales and purchases. But of late, many users in multiple platforms have complained about accessing their funds from the platform. For this reason, many speculations are being peddled as to what is about to transpire. It is well known that darknet markets… Continue Reading
Valhalla Market: One of the Top 3 Longest Running Darknet Markets- Events that Lead to the Creation of Valhalla Market Given the fact that hard drugs are deemed illegal almost everywhere, the recreational use of other substances is often frowned upon by the general community at-large. It’s not so much the use of these substances that’s not welcome as much as it is the conflict and danger that comes with acquiring them. Since the recreational use of some substances is often not assigned to any real legal framework, there’s no legislation… Continue Reading
How to Buy From Valhalla Market Safely- Though the contrary is often seen as true, darknet markets do not only include illegal items and goods. While most products found on dark web marketplaces—and the Valhalla Market in particular—are against the law, there are also many exceptions that you can find beneficial. Moreover, I guess you have already heard about the Valhalla Market (better known by its Finnish name, Silkkitie) and probably came across this guide along a Google search to find out more about the site. But… Continue Reading
Sports Doping Drug Ring Busted in Finland Linked to Valhalla Market- According to a press statement made by Finnish Customs this August, a large scale drug trafficking operation was discovered by the authorities. The operation was ongoing for quite some time on the Valhalla Market, which is a known marketplace on the dark web. The perpetrators operated within Finland and distributed drugs to buyers both within the country and internationally through the darknet market. The entire operation was described as a gigantic drug trafficking ring by the authorities. History of the… Continue Reading
Well-Known Drug Vendor on Valhalla Market, Arrested- It’s not everyday that authorities get to bust such a big timer when it comes to drug trafficking. But indeed they did, in the case of one particular Finnish national. Back in August 2016, authorities arrested three people involved in a large drug ring operating on Valhalla Market—caught with over €1 million worth of drugs in their possession. One of these men, operating under the Douppikauppa moniker, had been particularly active on Valhalla Market, one of the most prolific underground… Continue Reading
Bitcoin Seized in €1 Million Finnish Drug Bust- On the dark web, drug trade is rife. Fuelled by a mostly anonymous setup, buyers and sellers connect all over the world to trade in drugs and, oftentimes, other illegal goods. For three Finnish men, the anonymity ended when authorities shut down their sophisticated drug ring operation—and in the process seized both Bitcoin and a large quantity of drugs totaling over €1 million. During the seizure of the goods, customs found over 30,000 acid tabs, 40,000 ecstasy pills, 40 kilos… Continue Reading
How to Easily Access Valhalla Market- Ready to dip your toes into the pool of online darknet markets? Valhalla Market is one of the most popular marketplaces on the dark web where you can find all sorts of goods, ranging from drugs to body building products, self-defense items, special services and account data. Better known by its Finnish name, Silkkitie, it has lost the glory as a Finnish darknet market in order to symbolize its move to the international waters. According to its users, Valhalla Market… Continue Reading
Payment Methods Used on Valhalla Market- Considering the rapid shifts in technological developments, and everyday changes in the darknet scene, it might seem hard for a darknet market to keep up with these shifts while at the same time ensuring high safety for its users, high quality of its products, and after all, high profit for itself. Not everyone can succeed in this. However, Finish-based Valhalla Market, led by renowned Kapteeni, seems to be on point with its successful business maintenance. In fact, he likes to… Continue Reading
The Rapid Growth of Valhalla Market- Finland, like many of its neighboring Scandinavian countries, is regularly reaching peak positions across many different vectors of economic and societal growth. Education, design, and technology are just some fields in which Finland reigns as the leader. However, not all top-performing nations earn their reputation through legal systems. Ideology over capital Such is Valhalla Market, a Finnish cryptomarket on the darknet, which certainly justifies its title of the leading online drug market for Finland and Scandinavia. What ensured Valhalla Market… Continue Reading
Douppikauppa – One of the Biggest Vendors on Valhalla Market- Sufficiently financially secured with a regular day job and a college degree, Douppikauppa was also an active seller on Valhalla Market starting in 2013. He grew out to be Scandinavia’s biggest darknet vendor, serving the title until his arrest in August of last year. As most of us, Douppikauppa believed that drugs would interfere with his state of mind negatively, but he soon discovered how harsh drug classification was, and educated himself even further on various effects that diverse drugs… Continue Reading
What Is A Darknet Market?- The internet is full of surprises. We’re not just talking about that pop up offering you $20 off your order of that new coat you were planning on purchasing anyway. What we’re referring to here are darknet markets, a collection of online marketplaces that are only accessible to those in the know, and can contain a wealth of surprises. Here we take you through just what a darknet market is, what is for sale on the market and how anyone… Continue Reading
Admin Talks About Valhalla (Silkkitie) Market- Providing maintenance of a market on the dark web and managing its reputation are not easy tasks. This is something the admin of Finnish-went-international market Silkkitie knows very well. Thanks to Kapteeni’s guidance and innovations in caring for its users, Silkkitie has survived a number of FBI operations that targeted darknet markets, and has earned a veteran reputation on the dark web. Since the market’s beginnings in 2013, it has undergone major rebranding—taking a new name, Valhalla, and expanding to… Continue Reading
Valhalla Market: Categories and Product Listings- If you’re looking for a stable market on the deep web, then you may well have heard of Valhalla Market. One of the most popular markets, Valhalla Market was originally known as Silkkitie, and was only available in Finnish before branching out to a worldwide audience. The market has been online for quite some time now, in operation since October of 2013. This makes it one of the oldest deep web marketplaces still in existence – they’re coming up on… Continue Reading
The Finnish Darknet Site Called Silkkitie- Silkkitie When a website survives day-to-day changes on the Darknet for two or more years, it is considered a veteran, or “resilient as hell”, as the founder of Silkkitie market likes to say. And indeed, Silkkitie market has been around since 2013 which is a great success for a dark web marketplace. The once strictly Finnish market has taken a new name, Valhalla, as of 2015, and opened its gates to the international consumer market – catering to their needs… Continue Reading